1. Some Times

From the recording Some Times

From the soon to be available CD "Songs From Along The Way"


Some Times (What Falls Away)
Words & Music By Steve Nelson

If you believe what happened to me
it surely could happen to you.
I'm not saying it will but chances are percentages of truth.
It just goes up, down, sometimes.

Okay, so the elevator in my building
well it hardly ever works.
They keep calling these folks to fix it but we're all still getting jerked
when it goes up, down, sometimes.

Some times don't seem to matter
Some times will come of age
Some times are filled with wonder
Some times are filled with rage
Some times it's hard to see it but it's
all what falls away
Some times.

We were smoking out in the parking lot
just the other night.
Talking about the weather and how it's not really right.
It just goes up, down, sometimes.

Yeah we all agree the country's broke
in a lot more ways than one.
Somebody’s painted over the Exit sign.
Now it just says Run.
It all goes up, down, some times.

Sometimes I get so tired
Sometimes I am afraid
Sometimes it's black and white you know
Sometimes it's shades of gray
Sometimes it's hard to see it, but it's
all what falls away.
Some times.

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