I like the songs 

I like the sounds 

The sense of humor 

The serious side 

The style.... 

      - Guy Clark


 Spend Some Time With Steve Nelson 

 Distance Over Time (Katmandu Records) 


Steve Nelson is much-heard, but not much heard-of. While his name isn't yet well-known, he has penned plenty of memorable, well-loved songs for Barbra Streisand, Dusty Springfield, Samantha Sang, Lynn Anderson and others. He wrote songs for movies and for television, even writing for much-loved yellow bear Winnie the Pooh. Of late, he's become known as a valued co-writer to master songsmith Guy Clark: Nelson co-wrote three songs that appear on Clark's two latest albums. Nelson's own Distance Over Time album reveals him as a recording artist of significant worth. His voice doesn't soar like Streisand's and it doesn't convey the gruff authority of Clark's, but it is conversational and heart-first, distinct and enjoyable. His songs are melodically complex and lyrically sophisticated, but with none of the stuffiness that words like "complex" and "sophisticated" can convey. "When the Dead Came Home" is a somber tribute to forgotten, fallen warriors, and it is free of the jingoism that so frequently burdens songs of that ilk. "Walkin' Man," a co-write with Guy Clark that appears on Clark's new Workbench Songs album, brings a practical edge to a folkie sensibility. And "John's Pond" leads off the Distance Over Time album with melancholy and emotion and other things that frequently accompany us as we move into cold winter. 

The Tennessean Monday, 12/04/06


Steve Nelson's new CD, "Stoneway Close, is his best work to date. His music gets deeper and more soulful through the years, and this is exhibit "A" illustrating that progression. A great storyteller and veteran songwriter, Steve is one of the best "unknowns" I know. 

      -Bruce Hornsby 



"Steve Nelson - His songs remind us that breath and dreams and craft and poetry and life go into writing a fine song. He's got all of these and more in his whimsical, tuneful and heartfelt songs. Thanks so much, Steve, for sharing your visions with us." 

      - Melissa Manchester


"Steve's words & music say what I feel, in a whimsical, fun and thought provoking way.” 

      - Harry Chapman WTVF (CBS) News Channel 5 Nashville