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Steve Nelson: Music

Anchors Aweigh

(Steve Nelson)
Steve Nelson

Anchors Aweigh     Steve Nelson


There's a wind that points to home

A ship to sail you there

There's times you swear

That you're where you belong

Then you hear it in the air


         Anchors aweigh

         Rig the lines and sails

         Anchors aweigh

         Pray a steady wind prevails

         Your ship is safe at Harbor

         But it wasn't built to stay

         Anchors away


And if you're goin' 'round the world

Will you take me too

I don't know where

But I know why I'm goin'

And I won't be overdue


(repeat chorus)


   The waves are only borrowed from the wind

   And each one is another chance

   That may not come again

(repeat chorus)


         The waves break the reflection

         In the quiet of the bay

         Anchors aweigh

         Anchors away

©2003 Nelsounds/SESAC