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Steve Nelson: Music


(Steve Nelson)
Steve Nelson

Faith      Steve Nelson


On a road that never touches the ground

There's a church in a Louisiana Parrish Town

Where everybody's prayin' for peace

And we're gonna have to kill for it


Past a place where you can go to roll the dice

There's a bridge that crosses clear up to the sky

And heaven's waiting there above the clouds

But we're gonna have to die for it


         I will try to be true to my faith

         That we'll all disappear from here

         And leave the love we make

         Holy war, freedom fight

         Darkest day, shining night

         One is wrong and one is right

         Last one out

         Be sure to get the lights


Unholy men all preachin' to their crowd

Let's all come in and leave somebody out

Twisting words from every single God

And we're gonna have to pay for it


I don't believe that this could be a Master plan

And I don't want to hear that crap about the family of man

Every move you make you make a choice

And we're gonna have to live with it


(repeat chorus)


   To all the souls that walk the world with scars

   Burned around the edges of their hearts

   If we really want to understand

   You know we're gonna have to love for it


(repeat chorus)


      ©2002 Nelsounds/SESAC